Death (the_highcost) wrote,

Snowglobe Post

The globe is filled with cloudy smoke, and what seems like falling snow. There are only a few places in the globe for every shake you give it, and some of them are just as cloudy as the globe was originally.

The first place is a desolation. There's a blood red moon, and the night stars twinkle across a barren landscape.

With another shake, the place shows off an endless realm, a large building looking out onto a maze of places.

The next time the globe is shaken, it shows off a high end type of place, with some fairly ugly paintings hanging on the wall.

The last two places are the realm of the dead. This is her realm, and it is what she makes of it. Whether she wants it as an apartment where she keeps her goldfish, or a place of smoke and mist with mountains. It's a beautiful place, filled with a sense of peace.

Tags: ic, ooc, sirens pull, snowglobe
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