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Player Information

Name: Amy
Age: 21 years old.
AIM SN: liljewishgoy
Have you played in an LJ based game before? Yes.
Currently Played Characters: Raul Creed, Dr. Kenzo Tenma, Snow White, and Tim Drake.
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Character Information


Canon Source: DC Comics (Sandman)
Canon Format: Comics
Character's Name: Death
Character's Age: Death has been around since the beginning of time, so there is no exact age for her or for any of the Endless. However, she looks to be in her mid-20s.

Conditional: If your character is 13 years of age or under, please clarify how they will be played. N/A

What form will your character's NV take? Death's NV will be a transparent cell phone, capable of talk, text, voice, and video. Picture of it here.


Character's Canon Abilities: Because she is both lord and personification of all death and life, Death has many abilities that make her an omniscient and immortal being. For her life in Siren’s Port, all of her abilities will be powered down, as well as given some restrictions. Her permission post is here. Her abilities and powers are:

Personification of Death: Death meets with the recently deceased and guides them to the next stage of their after life. Unlike others, however, she also visits people as they are born. She is the only one to remember these encounters, and there will be a permissions post for people to respond to so they can decide what she can know and what she can’t.

Gift of Death: She has the power to free the soul from a body and send it to the appropriate destination, but she tends to leave this task to various Death gods. However, in her instance, the Death God needs to have a claim on the soul, usually in a contract, or the newly deceased worshiped that specific Death god. In Siren’s Port, she won’t be able to kill people like she normally would. However, she will know when someone dies, since she will be able to feel it.

Gift of Life: This personification of Death is there at every birth, and she is the one to give the newly born life. She has been known to give life at another point in time as well, in the area of reincarnation. In Siren’s Port, she will only have been there for the birth of everyone, but is not involved in anything else once that is done. Again, this will be on her permissions post.

Omnipresence: Being Death, she is everywhere on Earth at any moment, but usually not in a form that is visible to humans. Because of the Pull, she will be unable to leave Siren’s Port, and so the other parts of her realm will take care of her duties.

Omniscience: Death is possibly the most powerful of the Endless; even the Furies are intimidated by her, simply for raising her voice. She knows about the life of every single person and living being everywhere, since it is all under her auspice. For Siren’s Port, this is powered down considerably. She won’t know the life story of everyone, though she will know who you are, in the sense of knowing your name and that’s it. She will also only know the birth and the death of the person, but this, again, goes into the permission’s post, allowing the player to tell me what Death can and can’t know.

Shapeshifting: Death could change her appearance and clothing. In Siren’s Port, she will always look like the young Goth girl that she looks like normally, though she will be able to change her clothes. Not that she will want to in any case.

Teleportation: Death can travel instantly anywhere in the mortal realm that people die and live, and, so long as she shows proper respect, she can easily enter and transit most magical realms too. In Siren’s Port, because of the Pull, she will only be able to teleport around the city. However, like her clothes, she won’t want to, enjoying the time it takes to get around the city more.

Immortal: Death is ageless and virtually immortal. What needs to be known, though, is that death itself is ageless and immortal. The distinction is that you cannot kill death. The body that Death uses is able to be killed and destroyed; while she can never die, the body she has can die.

Sorcery: Every Endless is able to perform magic. Death’s magic will be powered down to the very basics. An example would be, she is able to make small things appear, like ingredients for dinner, but will not be able to actually have a complete dish made. She’ll have to use the ingredients and cook them herself.

Weaknesses: There is an ancient set of rules and customs that all of the Endless must abide by, and Death is no exception. None of these rules can be broken, and Death adheres to them strictly. One rule is how she is not able to spill of the blood of family, or she will no longer be protected as the personification of Death from the other personifications. She cannot kill any of the other Endless. Another rule is that she cannot fall in love with any mortal. If that happens, the mortal will die. No exceptions. They can fall in love with her, but not the other way around.

Conditional: If your character has no superhuman canon abilities, what dormant ability will you give them? N/A

Weapons: Death carries no weapons. She has no need for them.


Character History: Death is as her name is, though to better understand what she is, she is a psychopomp. A psychopomp is a guide whose primary function is to escort souls to the after-life. Psychopomps can also serve as guides through various transitions of life as well, which is more suited to Death and her job. Her job is to escort newly deceased souls to the after-life, but as an addition, she is also the one to greet each new life when it has just been born, though no one but her remembers these encounters. She’s not an angel, and she’s not the devil. She doesn’t bring them to Heaven, nor does she take them to Hell. She takes them to whatever the person believed in while they were alive; if you lived by the Greek rule of going to Hell when you died no matter what, then that is where she will take you. Death has been here since the beginning of time, the beginning of life on Earth and every other planet and universe out there. And when the end has come, she will be the last one to leave. Even after her brother, Destiny, has gone on, she’ll be the one to ‘put the chairs on the tables, turn off the lights, and lock the door’.

Death is one of the Endless. The Endless are seven siblings, each one representing an idea, a natural force; their names, in order, are Destiny, Death, Dream, Destruction, the twins Desire and Despair, and Delirium, who once was Delight. Death is the second oldest, but she is the one who is destined to last the longest. However, some of her siblings do not believe that, most noticeably Desire and Despair. Each of the Endless has their own ‘realm’, which is a home of sorts for them, and where the galleries of sigils are housed. Each sigil is something that is a representative of the Endless, and it is used to call on their respective siblings. While not all of the Endless can move about freely through their siblings’ realm, Death is able to, due to her job description.

Once a century, for one single day, Death lives and dies like a mortal. What she does is become a mortal that is destined to die that particular day, and she lives their life for that one day, before dying at the end and then having a conversation with herself, before sending them off to wherever they are destined to next. Being Death, she is able to be everywhere on Earth at anytime, as well as throughout the universe and on different planets. Most of the time, she is not visible to humans, unless it is their time to die.

Seeing as Death has been around forever, there is no possible way to put down on paper everything that she has done, and all of the lives she has affected, since that would be like categorizing every star to ever been in existence. However, there have been some noticeable events that happened that have shaped Death into the woman she is today. Thousands of years ago, when Despair was murdered, the Endless went to the necropolis to put her body to rest. While an idea cannot die, the body of one of the Endless can, and when the people of the necropolis laughed at the Endless and wouldn’t help them, they let the city become destroyed and gave the job to the village of Litharge, which is now the new necropolis used b the Endless. In later years, Destruction called a meeting of the family, and announced to them that he was abandoning his duties and leaving the family. He has since been called the prodigal, with hope that someday he will come back to his realm.

Throughout time, Death has been a big supporter of her brother, Dream, as well as a support for him when he needs it, and when he needs it but doesn’t know it. When Dream made a bet with Despair over the power of dreams in the instance of Joshua Norton, she was there to meet with him and tell him that she had her doubts about what he was doing, seeing as the elder siblings of the Endless usually avoid the games that the younger (Desire, Despair, and Delirium) play. When Death took Norton, she told him that he was her favorite ruler that she had to take to the afterlife. For her one day as a mortal, she took the form of a girl by the Yangtze River and spent the day with an ox driver who told her about his plans and schemes.

When Dream was captured by Roderick Burgess, his realm fell into disarray, and there was nothing that could be done. Burgess had originally set out to capture Death, but had made a mistake, resulting in her brother being captured and imprisoned instead. When he was finally able to escape, he took his time in making things right again, and didn’t get in touch with Death. She met up with him later, and yelled at him for not getting hold of her earlier. During their talk, she also told him to stop moping around just because he felt purposeless after retrieving his belongings. She had him come with her as she went about her work, and was able to cheer him up and give him a sense of purpose back. Years went by, and Destiny called his siblings so that they could have a family meeting. Everyone but Destruction came, and he told them about a meeting he had with the Fates, and how they let him know that the Endless needed to gather to set a chain of events into motion. During this, Desire brought up the topic of Dream’s former love, Nada, and how he had sent her to Hell to be tortured. Death was in agreement with Desire on this topic, letting Dream know that she thought it was an awful thing he had done, and pushed him to go to Hell and save her.

During this time, Lucifer Morningstar had abdicated his realm, freeing all the souls that had been in there, and Death was incredibly busy and overworked, trying to contain all of the souls. This was her reason for letting some spirits stay on Earth as ghosts, instead of taking them like she would usually. During this time, she, Dream and Delirium were searching for their brother, Destruction. Because of his leaving, it caused the death of several of his friends, a job that Death did not take pleasure in. When Dream ended his search, he called Death to meet with him for advice. During this meeting, she let him know that she was angry with him for the way that he acted toward Delirium, which had caused her to close off her realm. Death was worried about Delirium possibly leaving the Endless like Destruction, and she advised him that he should apologize to her for his rudeness.

Throughout this time, Death took her one day to be mortal once again, and took the life of a young girl who called herself Didi. She spent a day with a young suicidal man named Sexton, and ran into many different people, including an immortal named Mad Hettie who wanted her heart back, as well as being trapped in a storage unit by a man who calls himself The Eremite and thought that taking her ankh would grant him power. She ended the day with getting something to eat with Sexton, as well as using the little money she had to buy a new ankh necklace. Helping give Sexton a sense of life again, she died, and then spoke with herself to tell herself what had happened during the day. Years later, Death meets up again with people who had already been touched on by her brother, Dream, as well as when she was being the mortal woman, Didi. While Foxglove is on her tour as a singer-songwriter, her relationship with her partner Hazel is unraveling, due to her fame. When Hazel’s son, Alvie, dies, Death shows up to take him, but accepts Hazel’s promise that either she or Foxglove would take his place if Death let him live a little longer. When Death came back to collect on this promise, she lets Foxglove’s guard take their place, letting Alvie live.

While Dream had his fight against the Kindly Ones (also known as the Fates), the family stayed out of it the best they could. When Death finally met with her brother, she correctly guessed that he’d let things go this far because he wanted to leave his role as Dream of the Endless, but he couldn’t abandon his job like Destruction did. When the Kindly Ones arrived again, Dream let them destroy him so that he could save the Dreaming, and Death took her brother. While Dream’s son, Daniel became the new Dream, the Endless had a wake for their brother, with Death sending his body off at last.

Point in Canon: After "The Wake".

Conditional: Brief summary of previous RP history: Death was in SP before, so I'll be pulling her in with all her previous memories of being in the port. She had CR with... almost everyone, and she'll remember all of that CR. She did A LOT with a lot of people, including spending her one day a year as a human, and she helped a lot of people as well.

Character Personality: To begin with, the idea of Death has always been one of a scary, reaper type, with a giant scythe and a skeleton frame. One who hates people and enjoys tormenting the living. Death is the complete opposite of that. She’s incredibly friendly, and has a very good sense of humor. She isn’t silent, and in fact will enjoy talking your ear off about different movies, books, and her favorite types of food. She isn’t big on formalities, and it shows in her speech and in the clothes she wears. She’s very personable, and is very forgiving, unlike most people’s ideas of Death. Her view on forgiveness is very simple; when you’ve known someone for a long time; it is very hard to stay mad at them. Considering she knows everyone from the moment they’re born to the moment they die, she knows everyone really well. However, the fact remains that she has an incredible memory, considering she remembers every single living thing, and has been around long enough to amass those memories as well.

Of course, that does not mean that she never gets mad or upset. She can get cranky when people act like idiots. Of course, people tend to act like idiots most of the time, but when they make prior assumptions about her, or they don’t get with the program, she can get annoyed. Considering most people make prior assumptions about her, she has gotten tired of it. It was new a few millennia ago, but not anymore. There has been time when, like the rest of the Endless, her pride can get in the way. She has at times underestimated mortals, and other times when she has become overconfident. But she has learned through time to know when to say she’s sorry, and at this stage in her existence, she has become the more sensible one out of the rest of her brothers and sisters.

In the case of her family, they are really the only ones that can really get under her skin and rile her up. While there is technically no "boss" of the family, being the second oldest gives her a sense of seniority over the others. Being the most down to earth, she’s the one that some of her siblings go to for guidance. She’s also the one to go to them and tell them when they are being idiots, and to talk them out of becoming bigger idiots. On more then one occasion, she has found herself to be the mediator between her siblings, a position she doesn’t mind very much at all. Of course, with the amount of pride and ego in the group, trying to mediate is sometimes like herding cats, and sometimes it’s best to let them go and do whatever they wish to do. However, she loves them all, no matter what happens, just as much as she loves everyone in her own way.

Being pretty much omnipotent, Death has always cared for and appreciated everything, the little things most of all. She gets extremely excited, and sometimes captivated by the little details that most people never even think of. While the day to day business makes everyone else rush about, Death is the one who will stop and smell the roses, and let others know they should do so as well. While she is a being of immense power, she rarely, if ever, abuses it. It has been said before that Death is not bound to a set of rules like everyone else, but of course, most people would think that, never knowing that she has a set of rules that she has seemingly made for herself, and she follows these rules religiously. Her job is her job; she doesn’t have a distaste for it, but nor does she take delight in it. It’s just a job that she has to do, and she makes sure that she does it well. Sometimes it isn’t a great job, and she has been known to be overworked, most noticeably when everyone in Hell got kicked out, and she needed to go get them all over again. But even from bad experiences like that, she takes a lighter note to it, enjoying the fact that she gets to meet and talk to all different kinds of interesting people. And Death is someone who likes people. She finds every single one of them interesting. She knows that everyone has a story to tell about their life, or maybe they have something special about them, and she is the one who will sit for hours on end listening to them tell their stories.

All together, Death is a friendly being. She enjoys surprises, she’ll go and take a long walk on a beach if she is ever in the mood, and she speaks her mind rather freely. She cares for and loves everyone and everything, can get irritated at times, and has a rather grueling job, but she’ll always make time to talk to you. Preferably over some coffee or breakfast, anywhere she can listen to what you have to say, and might even talk about her brothers and sisters, her hat collection, or even her pet goldfish.

Conditional: Personality development in previous game: Death didn't change anything about herself from being in the port before. She's the same old Death.

Character Plans: Death has no plans, and she doesn’t make plans. That’s more her brother Destiny’s realm. Instead, she will come into Siren’s Port and try to get to really know everyone. At first, she might not tell everyone who she is exactly, instead going by her nickname. She’ll probably find a job somewhere, which will really be one of the oddest things you’ll ever see. She’ll share an apartment with her brother, and everyone can see how well that will go. We’re all guessing that there will be some issues. She’ll want to get some new goldfish, try as many restaurants as she can, and listen to everyone’s stories. She’ll probably throw all of the death gods and other death recipients for a loop, but be incredibly happy to meet them all no matter what they feel or say.

Appearance/PB: In appearance, Death is the opposite of what you would expect to see. She isn’t the traditional western culture Death, which would be more along the lines of a Grim Reaper type character. Instead, Death looks like a young, pale, rather attractive Goth girl dressed in extremely casual clothes. These clothes are most often a pair of jeans and a black top. She is able to change her clothes if she wishes, as seen when Destiny says that she should dress more conservatively for the family meeting, and she changes her clothes to a gothic black dress. She has black hair that has gone through several different hairstyles, but is usually spiky, like her brother Dream wears his hair. She is always seen with a silver ankh on a chain that she wears as a necklace, and she has a marking that is very similar to the ‘Eye of Horus’. This marking is around her right eye. Contrary to popular belief, her ankh is not the source of all her power, much like the other Endless have theirs. Her sigil is an ankh, however, though it is really only used when family members try to call one another. One aspect of being an Endless is that they are able to shape themselves as they see fit, but also to how someone might see them. For instance, a Martian would see Death as she appears in Martian culture, as some sort of Martian god of death, while a human would see her as she appears now. In Siren’s Port, she will be appearing as she would to any other human.

Examples Here and Here.

Writing Samples

First Person Sample

[There’s the sound of someone humming a song; anyone could know it, especially if they’ve ever seen the movie from which it is from.]

[During all this, anyone who is very sensitive to the magical, paranormal, mystical, and anything else that deals with the nature of existence should feel a shift in reality. After five minutes, everything goes back to normal, like nothing ever happened. The voice stops humming for a second and then laughs.]

Oops. I usually have things a little more scheduled, sorry about that! I’ll have to remember that for next time. [Pause.]

There’s always some cracks in the system. I know we all act like we’ve perfected it, but no one has, really. Maybe my older brother, but he’s a different story. Anyway! Does anyone know where I can get a hot dog? That sounds pretty good right now.

For those of you who don’t remember me, you can call me Didi.

Third Person Sample

Death was everywhere. That had been said so many times, by so many people. She could remember the first person to have thought it, and the last person today who had said it. It was true; Death was everywhere, and she would be everywhere. But coming to this place had changed that. She was no longer everywhere here. In fact, she couldn’t even visit her own realm while in this place. Not that it was a bad thing, of course, but she couldn’t help but wonder what had become of her realm. She knew someone else would be taking care of things. It wasn’t as if she was trapped like Dream had been, after all. Life went on without her, and everything died in its own time. She was merely there to help make the transition a little smoother.

It did make her think, though. When Dream had been trapped, sleep was affected. People become crazy due to lack of sleep, or even too much sleep. But there were plenty of death gods to help take her place for now. And while she had fun back on the different worlds, there was enough to keep her occupied here. During the day, she would walk the streets. There was the bookstore on the corner that didn’t care how long you wanted to browse and not buy anything. Or she would walk down to the courthouse and back, saying hello to all of the familiar faces she passed along the way. They didn’t all know her; at least, not at first. But there were the ones who knew what she really was, and they would greet her with a smile or, more often, with a cold shoulder. But they would all come to her in the end, and she would always smile back in response.

There was her favorite diner, with the short order cook who made the best sunny side eggs that she had ever tasted. And even further down was the medical center. Most of the new people here went there, she knew, so she always rotated time at the medical center or the general hospital. She wasn’t a healer, not by a long shot. But she enjoyed seeing the maternity ward, with its bundles of pink and blue blankets. The geriatric ward was just as fun; she had spent hours on end sitting besides beds and listening to stories. And when they were finally done talking, she had even stayed to hold their hand as she felt their life slip away, always with a smile on their faces.

It was life and death, and she surrounded herself in it, in this new place, a city on an island in a country that was isolated from the outside world as it could be while still having a connection to it. And when she walked the streets right before Darkness, and she managed to see a hint of the stars, she would think of her family. Of her brother who was her brother and still her new brother. Of how Delirium was doing, and hoping that Desire and Despair didn’t mess with her too much. Or of how Destruction must be doing. And even though she was around people, had her daily fill of life and death, it was always nice to come back to the apartment, spend time attempting a disastrous cooking adventure, and feed her two new fish, Foxglove and John.
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